The Children's Center offers preschool and kids' day out programs for children from age 24 months to pre-kindergarten. Our program includes free and directed play activities to foster all areas of child development: physical, social, emotional and intellectual.

Everyone is valued at our center. Our families are valued for their commitment to their children. Our staff members are valued for their unique talents and their ability to bring a quality program to our families. And most importantly, our children are valued for their individuality and their creative spirit.

Our center is a part of the ministry and mission of the First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood and therefore reflects values consistent with and appropriate to Christian faith.


The Children's Center began in 1962 as a "playschool" organized by mothers of young children in the community. In 1974, the first teacher was hired and the first class was enrolled in First Presbyterian Preschool. Today, the Children's Center offers nine classes with 15 teachers and a director. Current enrollment is about 85 students.


Children's Center teachers strive to make every day at school safe, fun and educational. Our program includes free and directed play activities, along with extras such as field trips, Music and Movement, Nature on the Move, Chapel Time and Lunch Bunch. A description of our class offerings can be seen here.


The Children's Center is located inside First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood at the corner of Kirkwood Road and Adams Avenue. Parking is located on Adams as well as in parking lots to the east and south of the church building. 

OUR STAFF (hover over images for an introduction to our staff members)