Welcome to a preschool and kids day out program in the heart of Kirkwood, Missouri!

The Children's Center is a mission of First Presbyterian Church, located at the southeast corner of Kirkwood Road and Adams Avenue. We offer part-time programs for children ages 2-5. We are staffed by experienced teachers who strive to provide fun and learning in a safe and nurturing environment. Our center is open five days a week from September through May.

What our parents say...


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As a parent of two children who have both attended FPCC, I could not be more grateful for the absolute blessing they have been to our family. Knowing that each morning when I dropped my child off at school, they would be safe, celebrated, happy and loved so fiercely was a priceless gift, more than any parent could ever ask for. The staff goes above and beyond to get to know each and every child and their entire family, showing a genuine interest and appreciation in the both the things that bring them joy and also help them grow. The education they received was also so instrumental in the Kindergarten preparedness of both of my children, who are now thriving elementary school students who love school and even ask to come back and visit FPCC whenever we can. If you’re looking for a place that feels like family, who rally around you when you struggle, who celebrate the victories big or small, and who will always work tirelessly to foster your child’s self-esteem just as much as their educational abilities, I can think of no better place than FPCC to do just that. We will be forever grateful for the part they played in helping our kiddos grow into their own, and for all the support they’re provided to us as parents along the way.

Laura B.

We sent three kids to First Pres Children’s Center over the course of 10 years, and couldn’t be more grateful for the time spent there. Every teacher and staff member is warm, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable in what they do and our children left school feeling loved and prepared for whatever came next. We are so appreciative of our years there and can’t recommend this school enough.

Jamie F.

Our girls are now in kindergarten, but still talk about their time and experiences at FPCC! When they started in the Butterfly class, the staff was just the best in acclimating the girls to their new environment. It provided us much comfort in entrusting their care and safety to a group of loving individuals. The educational component was important to our family, and we found that in FPCC. We are thankful in finding this small community that meant the world to us in these early years.

Barb D.